Thursday, August 2, 2007

US Presidential Candidates - 2008 Elections

Speaks to the future president of United States ! 2008 future president of United States is here ~
2008 Contenders :
Joe Biden, Sam Brownback, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, Jim Cilmore, Rudy Giuliani, Al Gore, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Dennis Kucinich, John McCain, Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo, Tommy Thompson.
YouTube has obtained official and exclusive rights to host videos from presidential candidates, including U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain and John Edwards, among others.
Under the “You Choose ‘08 Spotlight” initiative on the News and Politics page, candidates will post videos addressing the audience and YouTube users will have a week to post their own video responses to the candidate. This is your chance to engage in conversations with your favorite candidates!
News 1 :
Al Gore : I have no intention to run
On 5th July 2007, "The Today Show", AL Gore says he has fallen out of love with politics. I kinda doubt it. Due to the things that he has done, he seems to shake up the 2008 election somehow. A petition for Al Gore on has 100,000 signatures!
I personally support Al Gore's decision whatever his decision is. But frankly, I like Al Gore keep to stay on his sidelines. Anyone is better off doing what he or she loves, and Al Gore seems to thrive in his cause for our environment (The Incovenient Truth)(Links to my previous post). At this point I'd rather see him at the Oscars then in the White House. First of all, AL Gore had a long past that he fought for politics quite a long time. Include the death of his own son. Eventhough he lost the previous year US Elections due to the late votes from Florida, but he seems so much happier. Second, it seems that people are actually responding to his passionate fight for environmental reforms. Finally, he places third behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in a CNN poll and I highly doubt he actually could win the nomination for next year elections.
My vote will give to - Hillary Rordham Clinton
I'm currently enjoy reading the book of Hillary. "The Living History" by Hillary Rordham Clinton.
I am amazed by her educations background and her passion to law. Serving others and help the poor one. Hillary Clinton - Graduated from Wesleyan College, MA and law graduated from Yale University, Same batch will Bill Clinton.


  1. u r a democrat supporter??
    haha..both hillary and gore is democrat...

    i think bill clinton have done a good job when he run the states..

    i hope hillary will win...
    if gore run for president, then he should win...because he is really capable..

  2. what do u think about obama..? he is also qualified and experienced(though not as experienced as clinton)

    politics desk,the newsroom