Friday, February 15, 2008

Crazy "Squares"' Story

Another day in the city. Couples weeks ago on Sunday, I hung out with three friends from college; Elena (Blogger: Lena's Rant), Steve, and Frank. We haven't seen Frank- The "Luigi" in a year, so it was a happy reunion. We hung out in Manhattan until 12 midnight before parting ways and going home. The two guys live in Long Island so it was a bit far for them.

(Left is Frank, Right is Steve)

Anyway, we chilled out at Starbucks, took some pictures, had dinner. Elena scared little children at the fanciest Duane Reade that she'd ever been to and yup. I could be sort of "crazy" and "silly" sometimes. I freaked Elena, Frank and Steve out with my "unusual" off-key singing at the Subway Station. It was so much fun! We felt like a teenager all over again. Haha! We joked, laughed, talked and made fun of each other (loudly). In fact, I think lots of people were staring at our small rowdy group; which I think it was totally okay.

Most of the evening though, I was glued to Steve. Elena quote: "Too bad I don't have a picture of that!".

Oh, on the way back home, on a 7 train, we saw the strangest thing. We've heard of falling asleep in a subway car. But come one, we've all done it, but certainly not like this:

"It was ridiculous! Everyone was minding their own business and chatting or simply staring into space when there was a sudden plop noise, and everyone looks over and sees that. How drunk can someone get? When he finally left and was walking down a flight of stairs, several of us looked out the car windows waiting for him to trip and fall down the stairs." - Elena

And Yup. That's the end of the another crazy day in the metro city ~ - Jess


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  2. that's a crazy photo! never saw that on the NYC subway either, close but not out cold

  3. oh that is one great picture. You have to love the trains! Otherwise you'd go insane.