Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Day, Another Night

As time goes by, my Spring break is gone. Right now all my final exams are heading towards me, nor my papers and my French class play. I went to work as usual, finally I figured a way to go to downtown Manhattan in an express way by subway. Definitely is a plus for me. Nothing really interesting happened, except my roommate is moving out by May 1st. So weird. She had gave me a headache most of the time, now since I get used to her existence, when I heard she's gonna leave soon, I feel empty though. Maybe it just the way it is when someone had live in your daily life. I'm gonna miss her.

Last night I've been thinking a lot about my current issues. I came down to the point that I am so tired of something, maybe is time to let go whatever "things" that been bothering me.

I am tired.

At this moment, I am listening to this:

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  1. Well goodluck with all your exams and stuff.

    I think you kind of get used to someone who is always there even if your not the biggest fan of them. It is still going to effect you, it's change. I don't do very well with change.