Construction Law - Way To Claim

I remember back to the day when I studied Business Law in my formal university, there's a section called "Contract Law" always catch my attention. Why I think Contract Law is interesting? because i learned how to negotiate and draft comprehensive contracts and have a general idea how to avoid legal troubles in the future.

Learning a new things always good for whatever reason. Especially if you have a general knowledge of legal system. But even though you know nothing about law, let's say, you doing a business with a customer that failed to pay you, what should you do about that? Here you go. Filed a Mechanic's Liens through Prolien. Those are the expert that ready to pursue all possible avenues to secure the rights of their client regarding a variety of construction document issues.

A Recommendation by a friend in law school of mine. Check'em out!
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  1. know nuts bout this kinda contrace law >"<

    btw thx for the info

  2. learning law is boring but hard to find ppl interested in it...hey, nice blog u have, keep it on...

  3. OH YAY! Thanks for the link. I also took that class, but I forgot that there is contract section.

    This will help me to draw a contract with my new clients.