The Joy of Wait - Expecting Packages

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Since when I have the joy of wait? I am expecting couple packages to come in this week and next week. :) Can't wait to get all of them. Especially the Sony Hi-Fi System ;) Thank You! Shopping has been the internet thingy, you bought it online with available coupon or discount, and they will delivery in front of your house! How convenience it is? Better than taking the subway go to store to store and search for it. :P
Sweater from Victoria Secret

Panties from Victoria Secret Angels Bra from Victoria Secret

Finally a pair of sneaker from Adidas

A heater! That will "heat" me up in this winter

My lovely fluffy shoes from WalMart

And at last. MHC GX99 Mini Hi-Fi Component System from Sony
A treat for my crappy rainy day ~
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  1. those items are sexy, especially the hi-fi, I wanna kiss it right now! :P enjoy!