Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Living At The Moment

Yesterday, I walked through to the gates of fear, worry, emotional and happiness. At the time, it made me feel like I finally understood what is the feeling would be when someone told you, "I care about you" from deep of the person's heart and I felt empowered by it. I needed to become stronger, relax, and fearless. I needed to be empowered enough to step out of my protective shield zone, and become the person I was meant to be. I needed to become the kind of person that I know how to take it easy.

I am happy even though a mistake had been made. Sometime when it come down to life, people made mistake, but you learned from it. I know that there is someone out there care about me a lot. The caring and touching feeling that I get; just like a big winter coat, it warm me up from the deep of my heart.

Thank You.
I'm glad I have you.

-- Jess
-- Story at The moment.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did you know about - Caffine

Everyone who know me knew that I'm a huge caffeine fan. My daily routine can't live without at least a cup of coffee or tea. Well, but when I ingest it, caffeine does far more than just give me the jitters.

In a new study in Harvard University, caffeine actually can-

~lower the risk of disease.
~make exercise easier
~heighten our concentration

And oh yeah caffeine does make me feel Boo Hoo Hoo when I have a long day of work. So why not!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Feeling Blue

This week has been such a week. Nothing has gone as planned. I'm sleepy, stress out, tired. And it was cloudy all day.

In upper Manhattan, snow shower had been hitting towards us since last night. Yesterday was something different tho, I went to JFK Airport by subway to picked up my friend from Japan, Naoko Nagasaki. It was quite a ride to getting there. Today I'm just feeling a little blue. A little overwhelmed by life.
It happens some times to me. Thanks to a little daily dose of some great meds such as a lame Felix's joke, the blues don't last long these days.

In the past they would show up and stick around for LONG periods of time. Sometimes I fear that might happen again but usually, it's only a short stay and I'm back to normal. I wish I could figure out what brings them on, why they show up and how to avoid it all together. At this point I've deal with it for so long that I recognize what is happening and that helps me not get sucked in to the spiral of depression. But it's always weird to me to be recognizing what is happening but to not be able to do anything to stop it. It used to be worse when I stayed in New York upstate, depression hurts. It's taken times of self-meditation and patience on for me to living. I'm glad I'm here. But still wishing I could just bypass the blues all together.

I always thought I'm strong enough to carry on all the good and bad day by day. I do and I will be doing it everyday. But no matter how independent a person could be, I need you.

--Diary of the moment--

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

When I was 20

Twenty things I did when I was 20
1. Learnt a life lesson called "Appreciation" after a lose of two best friend in my life.

2. Saw the magnificent AngKor Wat of Cambodia.

3. Blocked the entrance of Medical Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

4. A visit to Harvard University

5. Participate in American Universities Education Fair on July 22nd, 9 a.m. Malaysian Time, Discover U.S. Education - KL '07

6. The sweetest moment with my angels.

7. Ended and started a relationship

8. Working a new job in Thomas V. Massucci lawyer firm, Downtown Broadway, New York

9. An opportunity to modeling in Christian Dior's fashion show in New York City and Paris.

10. A visit to the kingdom of fairy tales, Disney Land in Hong Kong

11. A photo with the Greatest Pyramid

12. An unforgettable night with one of the largest waterfall in the world, The Niagara Falls.

13. Participated in 911 truth movements for 5 days in New York City.

14. Become a blackberry curve owner.

15. Become a part of the Free Hug Campaign - Global and giving out free hugs in Times Square, NYC.

16. As a transfer student from State University of New York to City University of New York.

17. The day I met Mr. Polar bear in Bronx Zoo.

18. Become a blogger.

19. I won the election and become the Treasurer of Student Government of State University of new York, Cobleskill.

20. Living on my own without friends and family.

My life has been an adventure. If my life journal turn to be a movie, it would be one of the most touching movie ever. Life hasn't been easier and I have been busier than ever. But I lived my twenty year in existence knowing that I did not waste a single day of my life. No day but today, no regret, do the best.
Today, I turn to a legal drinking age. I am 21.
" Happy Birthday Jessica. "