Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ING Direct Cafe in Midtown East

OK, first you're like what? Banking and coffee? Great idea though, hey at least you're thinking about your money while drinking your high quality coffee and minding your budget as well! Makes you feel like a good responsible adult ;) Half the fun of this place is how weird the concept is - a physical manifestation of an online bank that also happens to be a coffee shop that then sells gawdy orange and blue bank swag and let's you use free internet, oh don't we love Dutch?

Also, I think this is the only place I've heard of where all the baristas double as banking consultants. There's no tip jar because they're actually a bank and can't legally accept them, but they can help all help you open an ING account. I got a free drinks for one time because I was having online login issue with my ING account.

Everyone in the cafe are all really, really friendly. I'm guessing this is not without exception, but every time I've been in there I come out feeling buoyed by good feelings and caffeine. I just want to give 'em all high fives all the time. I'm there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 1:30pm for an hour. Probably you'll catch me there with my ice cappuccino!

Some of the price list I could think of top of my head are: ice cappuccino $3, large ice coffee $1.50, latte $3. There's more, but that's all I could remember for me. And oh, if you have an ING debit card or buy one of their orange travel mug, everything will be 1/2 off! Outside food are allow! Perfect for a lunch box. Below is the pic when they were having a yard sale of random stuff! Cute!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Rain Moment

It has been raining in Forest Hills ever since Sunday and it is not helping my mood or my motivation. It is not a good sign when my allergy and a few days of cloudy weather in April can sap my energy… I should just open a bottle of Merlot and eat my baked cheese with mushroom rice and listen to Norah Jones ...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Interior Design Inspiration

Couples of here and there, I found my inspiration for the project!

10 Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

Mother's Day is around the corner (5/13), did you make a reservation on your mommy favorite restaurant for a warm and lovely dinner? If not, you better hurry up!

Here is a list of handmade Mother's Day gifts available from Etsy. Let's take a look, shall we?

1) These earrings feature gold-plated brass twigs and 7mm AAA faceted mystic quartz onion briolettes wrapped in gold-filled wire.

2) Sustainable Spa Luxury Eye Pillows Organic Cotton Lavender Flax in Black and White Print Eco Friendly

3) This seven-piece soap set is the ultimate neutral, “go-with-everything” hand soap collection. Colored with beiges, browns, off-whites and ivories, these hand soaps are sure to be a hit with modern sophisticates as well as those with more traditional tastes.

4) This set would be perfect for your table, but also very handy to have for any gift giving occasion you can think of; birthday, hostess, wedding, anniversary, or housewarming gift.

Each napkin is approximately 17 x 17 inches. Made from 100% pre-washed cotton fabric, you should not see that size change as you care for them over time. (Wash in gentle, tumble dry low, and iron). The fabric is thick and rich, a pleasure to hold on to.

5) A lovely little necklace, featuring the birthstone of your choice, hand wrapped with sterling silver wire and dangling from a petite twisted sterling silver hoop. The necklace is personalized with a little silver leaf, hand stamped with the initial of your choice. On a 17 " sterling silver cable chain.

6) Five of our 4 oz. Hand Poured soy candles filled with the calming, comforting, and balancing blend of Cedarwood Vanilla; the calming, clean, floral scent of Himalayan Bamboo; Uplifting Antique Sandalwood; the relaxing, exotic floral Honeysuckle Jasmine; and the sweet, pineapple, cherry Sex on the Beach. These darling jars will be the perfect addition to any room, or a great gift!

7) Cozies help keep your fingers from burning while you enjoy hot drinks as well as keep condensation at bay while you enjoy cold drinks!

This Jake the Dog -ish cozy is made to order and 100% handmade by me. Creating and packaging take 3-6 days. It is made of premium super-soft acrylic yarn. I use this particular type of yarn because it is very soft, non-itchy, high quality, and washable! Details are hand-sewn (no glue!) and made of Eco-Fi felt which is also soft, washable, and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles :)

8) A perfect gift for that special person in your life.
made from Tangelo super soft and cozy 35% wool yarn for easy care.

9) This is the green and chartreuse ceramic yarn bowl that KNITTING TODAY MAGAZINE featured in its 2010 November/December issue. It is a high-fire piece, making it the strongest, most durable, chip-resistant pottery available.

10) This bag is made from sackcloth fabric and liner with Brown Cotton,the strap is a leatherette.It is big enough to hold lots of your essentials and books. It is a color that could go with everything.

My Internship With DDB (Design & Decoration Building)

After days of searching, I finally found an internship working for Director of Marketing, Ashlee Harrison from DDB Building in E59st & 3rd Ave. Here's some pictures to share from different showroom in the building.