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Jessica Sophia Wong

Strategic Partnership Business/Marketing Consultant Mentor / Advisor Web3 Entrepreneur Mental Health Digital Nomad Coffee Snob Croissant Lover Creative / Luxury Interior Design / Arts

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I'mJessica Sophia Wong

Female Founder and Early Stage Startup Business Advisor

Jessica was one of the presenters at the 2022 Bunchful Future of Philanthropy Summit, a live event and introduction of the Bunchful Awards and will be recognized among her cohort at the 2023 Awards event. As a digital nomad, minority female founder and woman in tech, Jessica actively advocates for equality and women’s empowerment. She serves on the Marketing Committee for The Mayor’s Residence, New York City, Gracie Mansion Conservancy, and has previously served on planning committees for Forbes Council and the LLS Men of the Year Running Campaign. She uses her platform for positive change, combining her career in interior design and marketing consulting with her passion for environmental impact. Jessica is the founder and CEO of Yorkseed, a global venture capital community for founders and investors. She also co-founded an Earth Day fundraiser campaign in New York City, hosts successful charity events, and has been recognized for her philanthropic efforts. She is an NYC Emerging Leader Award receipent at The Mayor's Residence at Gracie Mansion and a fundraiser for the National Resources Defense Council and The Conservation Fund. Jessica currently serves on the Board of Advisors Strategic Partnership for Bunchful Enterprise. She is also involved in startups and Web3, enjoys hosting events and solo traveling, and is currently working on projects related to mental health support and affordable housing in New York City. She is dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

DOB: Jan 2 / Social Media: @sillydrunkfish / Lifestyle Blog: sillydrunkfish.com / YouTube Channel: YouTube Channel


what's cooking

Founder and CEO

Yorkseed (Global Venture Capital Community / Angel's Network for Investors and Founders)

I'm the girl with the list from 2023 SXSW Austin! During my 3 hours train ride from NYC to DC, out of boredom I created a master list of all SXSW Unofficial events that everyone can attend without a badge! And my list went viral! I successfully hosted an exclusive high profile Founders x Investors SXSW Mixers in less than one hour of planning, within the same day 3 hours later! It was sold out where I had to turned people away. I decided to create a company based on my little success from SXSW 2023 with the the proof of concept from my last year Earth Day Charity Brunch and the Yorkseed exclusive WhatsApp community I have built during SXSW. If you are a Founders / Investors / Work within the Innovation Sectors, you are invited to join our exclusive Yorkseed Global Hubs: Yorkseed Global Hubs. I started different hubs for the conferences I’m interested to start a list with. and cities that has a significant ventures + startups presences. Message me privately if you like me to add you into these hubs, or if you have other hubs you like me to start, let me know! I’ll take it into consideration! Sign up for my mailing list

Venture Partner

VNTR Capital

VNTR Capital, a rapidly expanding investor community, is an investment syndicate and global investors network comprising over 30K+ investment decision-makers. The organization specializes in investing in growth stage startups and top vc funds. Through its platform, VNTR Capital connects vetted investors from around the world, offering a secure environment for deal sharing and co-investment opportunities. Facilitated by events like Investor Roundtable and Investor Lounge, VNTR Capital brings investors together to foster connections on a global scale. For more information, visit www.vntr.vc/events.

Chief Operation Officer (COO) and Co-Founder


(Beta tester phase) - Mental health peer support platform for students. We strive to continuously create a safe environment for challenge students growing into adulthood.

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

3D Roomspace

A blockchain-based medium term rental platform that connects roommates, renters and landlords Quickly, Safely, and Easily.

Fundraising Consultant (past)

TEDx Columbia University

TEDxColumbiaUniversity showcases New York’s maverick thinkers and doers, risk takers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, innovators, humanitarians, creative performers, and many more extraordinary people—and that includes local businesses. TEDxColumbiaUniversity accelerates innovation and social impact through the power of big ideas, transformative live events, and empowered digital communities.

Strategic Partnership Board of Directors

Bunchful Enterprise

Join Bunchful Enterprises in creating a more compassionate world. Showcase your community contributions with the Bunchful Atlas, celebrate exceptional individuals through our Awards, and explore the Future of Philanthropy at our inspiring summit. Make meaningful gift choices at the Bunchful Gifting Salon while you gain insights from renowned experts on our podcast. Stay informed with Bunchful News, and together, let's build a sustainable and inclusive future aligned with the UN SDGs. Join our mission to foster a culture of giving and make a difference in creating a more compassionate world.

Marketing Committee

NYC Mayor's Residence Gracie Mansion Conservancy

Strategic partnerships, event planning, fundraising.

Startup Mentor

Independent Clients

Fundraising, introductions, advice, hands on product development, recruiting, mentorship and more.

Personal Branding / Founder and Editor-in-chief

@sillydrunkfish / SDF - A LIFESTYLE ELEMENT

From tech events to luxury design events in the startup, interior design, and travel communities, I am always active participating, and organizing events that bring people together / A travel lifestyle blog based in New York City.

Co-Founder and CMO (past)


Unlike traditional dating sites that try to match people based on personality and interests, Yakukon is a tech startup that matches people based on their expectations about married life. The site lets users create their own ideal contract and search for compatible partners. Contracts can stipulate anything and everything from childcare and housework, to expected lifestyle and partner income. Through our system, whether you are looking to date or seeking a serious relationship, we hope to make marriage a reality for people frustrated with modern dating sites.

Director of Events (past)

C'est Du Luxe

Leading data-driven trend forecasting and market intelligence authority for luxury brands. We host in-person briefings every season to keep our clients up-to-date with changes in the space and shifts in consumer values.

Board Member / Head of Digital Marketing (past)


Growth hacking, user acquisition and served as the day-to-day digital marketing and marketing strategist in North America market for a London based company.

Public Relations Coordinator (past)

2020 Startups

Liaison between startups, vendors, investors, and media. Social media managing and help/advise founders on how to market themselves, and company branding.

Social Media Strategist (past)

Bespoke by Luigi Gentile

Served as day-to-day strategic counsel for clients on social media strategy and execution. Content creation such as blog posts, videos, and infographics for a plethora of online channels including FB, TW, YouTube, and niche community websites. Developed partnerships with media outlets ranging from print publications to bloggers and designed media kit. Built the pipeline for business development and marketing partnerships and then developed and managed those relationships into mutually beneficial relationships that produced revenue and increased brand awareness.



Care ABout

Animal welfare / Sustainability / Science + Technology / Civil Rights + Social Action

What Can I Do

Strategic Partnerships, Investor Relations and Fundraising Strategy

Business Development and Event Management

Founders, Startups Mentoring and Consulting

Marketing Strategy including Diigital Marketing and Social Media

Concept Development, Identify Strategic Risk (implement company-wide short and long term strategic initiatives.)

Creative Outlook and Branding

Solo Traveling / Digital Nomad Lifestyle Advice and Planning









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selected accomplishments

NYC Mayor's Home Gracie Mansion Conservancy Emerging Business Awards Receipient

New York City


Rang the opening bell of China tech company ABASCUS in March 2018 as a VIP guest at NYSE New York Stock Exchange.

New York City


Invited as a VIP guest by NASDAQ through Twitter on 2015 to withnessed an opening bell ringing ceremony.

New York City


Interviews appeared on multiple online and paper publications including ENTREPRENEUR, Editor-at-Large, Digital Griffon, SPAM Magazine (Augmented Reality form)

New York City / Remote / Italy

Digital Marketing

Tresurer of Student Government, and Residential Assistant



NYC, Global