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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Jessica Sophia Wong Philanthropic Bio

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Jessica Sophia Wong is an unapologetic entrepreneur, philanthropist extraordinaire, and lifelong climate change advocate.

Jessica is a startup founder, solo world traveler, mental health advocate, and thought leader, her trove of accomplishments is as enormous as her heart.

As a jet-setting tech entrepreneur, Jessica has great dreams, she started wanting to make a difference to create a brighter future for people, but at the same time, Jessica wanted more.

She wanted to turn her love for mother nature into a hobby that would help to make a small dent in her community. Thus the Earth Day charity fundraiser began. On Earth Day 2017, Jessica and her friend Mildred started a grassroots Earth Day fundraiser campaign in New York City. Initially, a few friends got together for a bottomless brunch where we raised money for NRDC, the National Resources Defense Council. When Mildred moved away, Jessica continued the tradition, and in 2022 she successfully planned an art auction Earth Day charity gala in less than three weeks and raised thousands of dollars for NRDC. 

Through the Earth Day Charity Event, Jessica shows the world that philanthropy and hobbies can go hand-in-hand.

Jessica has traveled the world and has a palpable love for animals, people, and the planet. She recently returned from Costa Rica, which gave her a fresh perspective on the fight against climate change. With her fresh perspective, Jessica decided she wanted to do more. She started a clothing and used items drive at all her house parties. People in need were able to take seasonal clothing, umbrellas, and essentials bags filled with necessities. A highlight of such giveaways included a clothing package sent to a family in Gambia.

She also collects usable glass jars and takeaway plastic containers, which she washes and gives to people who need the items at home. Jessica has also been a foster mother for an animal shelter that was based in Lower Manhattan. 

Currently, she is building a mental health peer support platform for students and a blockchain-based short-term rental platform to help fight overpriced housing in New York City by providing an opportunity for the public to gain access to affordable housing. 

Her unique story and the incredible change she’s helped to facilitate in her community have drawn the attention of many people she has crossed paths. Jessica continuously inspires others to be a better version of themselves.

Jessica is magnetic, fun-loving, hilarious — and as kind, as they come. She is bringing her sense of purpose and philanthropy to the rest of the world (with integrity!).

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