Now that we are nearing the final month or so of the great British Summer, it has come to my attention that British evenings even in the middle of summer are really not that warm. 

With all the late BBQs, summer drinks evenings and outdoor parties this year, I have been left shivering in my strapless and low neck dresses so thus either nicking my husband’s jacket (yes men get to wear jackets AND shirts!) or nipping upstairs to the hostesses bedroom and asking for a wooly fleece. Either way, I end up looking like a non-adapted penguin in the arctic or just silly and frumpy, ruining the outfit I spent ages deciding on and spending a good load of money on. As a result of this, and still having several ‘summer’ parties to attend next month, I went on a mission to find some dresses that still look pretty and summery but also keep me warm.

It has been harder than I initially thought it would be to find items that fit both of my criteria. Apparently the British summer stylists are very optimistic about the summer weather and so have decided to lob off any arms or higher necklines of any summer dresses. After browsing around several shops and finishing each shopping expedition exhausted and disappointed, I decided to go online to continue my search (there’s more variety and it hurts my feet less).

After looking through some of the high street store’s websites and having no luck, I started to think outside the box a bit and search for more boutiquey stores. This was when I first discovered La Vida Boutique who sell a huge variety of clothes that are all different and unique. They also have a section on their website specifically for brands which is where I went to look. Fortunately, after looking through a few of their other gorgeous brands, I came across Me & Thee which is described as ‘Creative womenswear brand designing and manufacturing individual and wearable pieces with beautiful innovative prints’. I fell in love.

Here are 3 of my favorite pieces that fulfill everything I wanted in a British summer evening dress:

1) Me & Thee Evoked Dress

This dress is BEAUTIFUL. It encompasses everything I was looking for: Longish sleeves, knee length but still summery looking and suitable evening wear. The colors and patterns are perfect for the summer season whilst the style lends itself to warmth and comfort.

2) Me & Thee Karakoram Dress 

I know it’s similar to the one above but I really love this style. The colours on this are really light and summery and the patterns look slightly abstract floral making it perfect for a garden party or BBQ. Again, I am really attracted to the sleeves and length of the dress and it looks like it will promise to keep all the goose bumps at bay!

3) Me & Thee Electron Tunic Dress

The summery floral patterns on this dress, combined with the floatyness of the design make it a pretty and simple dress, perfect for any summer occasion be it rain or shine. I think that this dress would be perfect for a BBQ or meal as it is loose and comfortable.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey to find these items and that some of you can relate to my previous conundrum (that is now solved!) and that you will also find some help at La Vida Boutique.

Color blocking is a new craze that everyone should love! This amazing new trend allows you to wear two or more colors in blocks or bright shades. This very bright oh so chic look is this year’s summer – fall fashion must have to brighten those cold dreary days that are heading our way.

You may remember your fluorescent wardrobe from the 60s or maybe the late 80s when color blocking was at its height of popularity and are cringing and the thought of it being back in fashion. However, the new modern twist that designers have created, will have you pulling out some of your old pieces from your mum’s attic and trust me when I say this; you will be glad she made you hold onto them.

Designers first brought this hot new trend out in their spring collections and since the public and press had fallen head over heels for this look they decided to carry it on through to their fall collections. Retailers are going even crazier for this trend and are stocking up their rails as we speak.

As the color blocking trend is not the easiest of trends to pull off, we wanted to show you how you can do it right and with hosiery! The examples that I am going to show you of my personal favorite pantyhose will have you running to grab a pair right now.

There are three ways you can go about creating a successful color blocking look.

Option A: Monochromatic: where you choose one color for the entire outfit but in different shades. This can also be done with two colors but only white and black.
Option B: Separates: This option is more fun as you can mix 2-4 different colors in blocks and sections.
Option C: Stand-Alone: This is the lazy (aka the easy) option where you have one color blocked piece of clothing or accessory where all the color blocking work has been done for you.

Monochromatic color blocking has got to be my favorite type of color blocking as I find it to be the easiest and simplest look to pull off this amazing new trend. If you are not really into color blocking as you find it too loud and crazy and you’re looking for a simpler look then this is the best option for you to go with. As you only use one color, all you have to do is pick your favorite color and match it with lighter shades of the same color to pull this look off – but how would this work with hosiery? Pantyhose are very versatile and you can get many that are very subtly color blocked which are mainly in black and skin tone shades. 

We came across an amazing hosiery seller called Fiore Direct USA who specialize in a range of different pantyhose. There are many subtle ways that you can do monochromatic color blocking with hosiery, here are a few of our favorite examples that we have taken from their website: 

Imagine travel around the world (well almost) and filming locations of your favorite films and TV shows? For two years now the team from Fangirl Quest do (what we now call) scene framing photography, here’s a bunch of our personal favorites.

Sherlock (my favorite of all time, hello mate!)

Sherlock's jump from the roof of St Barts Hospital in London

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Theon's baptism in Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland

Star Trek

Star Trek filming location: The J. Paul Getty Museum

Les Misérables

Old Royal Naval College in London

War Horse

War Horse filming location: Castle Combe, UK


Nelson & Murdock (363 South 4th Street)

Harry Potter

Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK

Batman Begins

St. Pancras Hotel, London, UK

12 Years A Slave

Felicity Plantation, New Orleans, LA, USA

Doctor Who

Dunraven Bay, Wales

Forrest Gump

Monument Valley, Utah on Route 163

My first outdoor party celebrating the charm of summer season.

@sillydrunkfish first outdoor party celebrating the charm of summer season. @Agavijuice tasting and showcase of @AliceandTrixie new cushion collection and summer dresses.
Posted by Fish's Philosophy on Sunday, August 2, 2015
Life is a matter of perspective. How we look at the world is reflected in our ability to see through another's eyes as well.. scientists, Buckminster Fuller once asked who amongst them had seen a sunset, today I've seen a beautiful sunset from a new angle and it inspired me, I am challenged... May your perspective always be challenged and changing.

Endless Book Project — A big panorama about outer space, chocolate cookies, dreams of interstellar flight, coffee, cupcakes and meeting with aliens. Creative still life photographer Dina Belenko (Дина Беленко) decided to undertake the project, composing a giant, story-rich (and, sometimes, humorous) panorama over the course of twelve months.

Source via:

Marked Map
Puff Pastry with Stardust
Sugar Nebula
High tea with UFO
Donut System

Prior to moving to New York I lived in San Francisco and during my time in the bay area, at max, I owned one pair of black pants and one black sweater – both of which got very little use.  Seeing the amount of black that has since infiltrated my closet, this seems absurd to me.  However, if you have spent time any time in both places, you know that California-style and New York-style are quite different. California is all about keeping it casual and cool, without looking like you tried too hard. It’s somewhat undone, yet elegant.  Think perfectly fitted loose t-shirts, maxi dresses, boyfriend jeans, lots flowy dresses and bright colors.  It’s a difficult concept to master, but fun once you nail it (although who has time for that??).

New York-style on the other hand is meant to be chic and put together. It’s about pairing the high with the low and always carrying a signature designer handbag.  The overall trend that permeates both uptown and downtown looks is black – both black clothing and accessories rule in this part of the world.  As I mentioned, since moving to New York over six years ago my overall wardrobe has taken on much darker hue. Oh yes, I’ve crossed over to the dark side. Embracing black makes getting dressed and looking stylish that much easier!  Also, practically speaking, it makes sense since the city is quite grimy and black hides anything you might happen to get dirty.  It’s amazing when fashion and functionality coincide!

There are a number of great looks for the summer that incorporate black and can seamlessly transition into fall.  And don’t be afraid to embrace leather in the summer! For example, a classic black leather (or pleather) mini skirt always looks très chic.  Also, leather leggings are comfy and can be worn with flowy tops now and paired with chambray shirts and sweaters later. Also, a textured black dress is perfect for a date or a night out with girlfriends. Pair it with a leather motorcycle jacket and you’re good to go. For the office, I recommend a straight leg black pant and t-shirt. It’s all about keeping things simple and letting black either be a main centerpiece or using it for the whole look. Here are some of my favorite looks below.

Jane Goetchius 
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We all pay so much attention to keeping the rest of our home beautiful, but when it comes to the bathroom, a pretty shower mat or curtain seems to be enough for most of us. But these 8 beautiful bath design ideas we found might inspire to change things up in your bathroom as well! The bathroom is the closest we will get to having an everyday ritual space. We use it to purify and beautify ourselves and to perform other health-related rituals. So doesn’t it deserve the same sort of attention as a church, temple or shrine? If you know of any cool ideas we might have missed, share them with us below!

Designed with Waterworks Candide Tub, venetian mirror and crystal chandelier.

Designed by: Kirill Myagkov

Designed by: KO KO Architects

Designed by: HighTech Design

Designed by: Splinter Works

Tile by, Kelli Ellis Collection

Designed by: omvivo

Designed by: Victor Vasilev

I threw parties every year under my blog or my name and usually hosted all my parties in my tiny New York apartment with the max limits of 15 guests, this year I am expanding to a different and cooler venue! Instead of looking at the tiny World Trade Center from my living room window, now we can face Empire State Building on the hotel rooftop!

Interested in sponsorship? Email me at, otherwise you are welcome to bring materials to promote your own gigs! I don’t mind :)

Post party pictures! Follow @sillydrunkfish & @cloudsocialnyc and hashtag #sillydrunkfish to win voucher for something cool

SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 2015 5:00PM CLOUD SOCIAL ROOFTOP at NYMA HOTEL 6 West 32nd street, 17th fl, New York NY 10001 (bet 5th & Broadway)

Come join me for social, happy hour deals (till 7pm) and sunset on hotel rooftop. This is an RSVP only event, (eventbrite)

Please contact or for more details.


Traveling to the Land Down Under with your kids for a vacation? You’ve made a good holiday choice. Melbourne is one of the top cities of the world in most aspects like education, entertainment and economics. It is known as the cultural capital of Australia and is an international center for visual and performing arts. Melbourne is also classified as a UNESCO City of Literature and is a major city of street art. So if you’re going there for vacation, rest assured that you’ll have plenty to do with your kids. And to make things easier for you, we have complied a list of the top things to do when you travel to Melbourne with your kids.

The Melbourne Aquarium
SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is home to 10,000 animals including the world’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles which are housed in the Aquarium’s state of the art Croc Liar exhibit. It also has range of interactive facilities available allowing you to explore a ton of underwater options. Its array of amazing displays and the child friendly feel will captivate you and your kids.

Luna Park
Over a century since it’s established, Luna Park continues to provide ample entertainment for the whole family. It has numerous rides that will take you and your kids sky high and get your adrenaline pumping. A whole day can be easily spent trying out the park’s numerous attractions.

Ice House
The Medibank Icehouse is great fun for the whole family. You can get away from the sweltering heat of the day and enjoy its coolness and numerous activites. It even has a Family Happy Hour every weekend so that families with kids can practice skating in a dedicated rink before showing their skills in the public rink. In addition it has a number of themed events which are good to watch.

Puffing Billy
This is something young kids should not miss. The three hour train journey through the scenic Dandenong Ranges is something worth experiencing. It comes complete with a three course meal. A dinner and dancing deal is also available. 

Collingwood Children’s Farm
If you’re not too fond of aquariums, you can try this farm which has a range of farmyard animals on display for the kids. It’s a happy place to be with your family.

This is a haven for interaction. A place which will stimulate the mind and cause you to explore new vistas of imagination, it is perfect for kids. It has ton of exhibits which are fun to interact with, and educational as well.

The Zoo
A zoo is always a good place for you to take the kids, and Melbourne Zoo with its variety of exotic animals on display is no different. From elephants to penguins, see your favorite animals up close and personal.

There are those who travel the world in search for wonderful landscapes and beautiful wonders of nature. Then there are those who judge the touristic value of a place based on the vivacity of its nightlife. However, there are also those who travel to discover different lands and cultures and who are interested in what caused these distant civilizations to be so different. For these people, nothing is more important than the history of the place they visited and its curious landscapes.
When it comes to this, we could safely say that Sydney is a place like no other. Although the history of this magnificent Pacific faced city is less than three centuries old, this city has a lot to offer to its more historically- oriented visitors. Here is a short list of spots and locations that no man or woman passionate about history of this incredible and unique place can afford to miss.
Nepean Dam
We should start with a recent history and take a moment to admire this marvel of 20th century Australian architecture. This architectural wonder is Nepean Dam, the smallest of dams designed for water collecting from the Illawarra Plateau south of the city. Although this dam is incredible on its own, what makes it even more unique is the fact that since recently it is open for those who want to walk across it. Apart from offering you a once upon a lifetime experience, a brief walk across this dam offers you an opportunity to observe some of the most incredible sights there are.

Sphinx Memorial
Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit this monument to the victims of the First World War. Made by the surviving soldier of this bloodiest of all wars, this memorial serves as a memento of all the lives lost in the war as well as of the heroic and glorious bearings of the brave ANZAC troops. Somewhere amidst these cold rock statues learn about the event when for the very first time in history that the great nation of Australia tried its hand in shaping the world events.

Chose the theme of your stay
Although there are many things to see and experience in Sydney regarding the history of the place, this can also be achieved even in something as simple as choosing the right place of lodging for your stay. Here, perhaps the greatest idea might be to opt for accommodation in Randwick, and stay in one of Sydney’s most beautiful suburbs and better yet in a proper Victorian building. This boutique hotel is a redecorated Victorian building from 1888, and should therefore be perfect for the spirit of your stay.  

St Stephens Anglican Church
Of course, finish your grand historical tour of Sydney with a visit to a legendary St Stephens Anglican Church. This church was established in 1837 and is as such 14th oldest church in whole of Australia. Speaking of tradition and national identity this glorious structure stands second to none. Another thing that this church is widely recognizable for is its authentic gothic style unlike any other you will encounter in Australia.
Enjoy your stay in Australia and try to learn as much about its past as you can. This will ensure that you will understand its present better and it will surely enhance your stay there. For this purpose, any or all of the places listed above are just ideal.

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