I threw parties every year under my blog or my name and usually hosted all my parties in my tiny New York apartment with the max limits of 15 guests, this year I am expanding to a different and cooler venue! Instead of looking at the tiny World Trade Center from my living room window, now we can face Empire State Building on the hotel rooftop!

Interested in sponsorship? Email me at sillydrunkfish@gmail.com, otherwise you are welcome to bring materials to promote your own gigs! I don’t mind :)

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SUNDAY, JULY 12th, 2015 5:00PM CLOUD SOCIAL ROOFTOP at NYMA HOTEL 6 West 32nd street, 17th fl, New York NY 10001 (bet 5th & Broadway)

Come join me for social, happy hour deals (till 7pm) and sunset on hotel rooftop. This is an RSVP only event, (eventbrite)

Please contact sillydrunkfish@gmail.com or jessicasophia.com for more details.


Traveling to the Land Down Under with your kids for a vacation? You’ve made a good holiday choice. Melbourne is one of the top cities of the world in most aspects like education, entertainment and economics. It is known as the cultural capital of Australia and is an international center for visual and performing arts. Melbourne is also classified as a UNESCO City of Literature and is a major city of street art. So if you’re going there for vacation, rest assured that you’ll have plenty to do with your kids. And to make things easier for you, we have complied a list of the top things to do when you travel to Melbourne with your kids.

The Melbourne Aquarium
SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is home to 10,000 animals including the world’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles which are housed in the Aquarium’s state of the art Croc Liar exhibit. It also has range of interactive facilities available allowing you to explore a ton of underwater options. Its array of amazing displays and the child friendly feel will captivate you and your kids.

Luna Park
Over a century since it’s established, Luna Park continues to provide ample entertainment for the whole family. It has numerous rides that will take you and your kids sky high and get your adrenaline pumping. A whole day can be easily spent trying out the park’s numerous attractions.

Ice House
The Medibank Icehouse is great fun for the whole family. You can get away from the sweltering heat of the day and enjoy its coolness and numerous activites. It even has a Family Happy Hour every weekend so that families with kids can practice skating in a dedicated rink before showing their skills in the public rink. In addition it has a number of themed events which are good to watch.

Puffing Billy
This is something young kids should not miss. The three hour train journey through the scenic Dandenong Ranges is something worth experiencing. It comes complete with a three course meal. A dinner and dancing deal is also available. 

Collingwood Children’s Farm
If you’re not too fond of aquariums, you can try this farm which has a range of farmyard animals on display for the kids. It’s a happy place to be with your family.

This is a haven for interaction. A place which will stimulate the mind and cause you to explore new vistas of imagination, it is perfect for kids. It has ton of exhibits which are fun to interact with, and educational as well.

The Zoo
A zoo is always a good place for you to take the kids, and Melbourne Zoo with its variety of exotic animals on display is no different. From elephants to penguins, see your favorite animals up close and personal.

There are those who travel the world in search for wonderful landscapes and beautiful wonders of nature. Then there are those who judge the touristic value of a place based on the vivacity of its nightlife. However, there are also those who travel to discover different lands and cultures and who are interested in what caused these distant civilizations to be so different. For these people, nothing is more important than the history of the place they visited and its curious landscapes.
When it comes to this, we could safely say that Sydney is a place like no other. Although the history of this magnificent Pacific faced city is less than three centuries old, this city has a lot to offer to its more historically- oriented visitors. Here is a short list of spots and locations that no man or woman passionate about history of this incredible and unique place can afford to miss.
Nepean Dam
We should start with a recent history and take a moment to admire this marvel of 20th century Australian architecture. This architectural wonder is Nepean Dam, the smallest of dams designed for water collecting from the Illawarra Plateau south of the city. Although this dam is incredible on its own, what makes it even more unique is the fact that since recently it is open for those who want to walk across it. Apart from offering you a once upon a lifetime experience, a brief walk across this dam offers you an opportunity to observe some of the most incredible sights there are.

Sphinx Memorial
Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit this monument to the victims of the First World War. Made by the surviving soldier of this bloodiest of all wars, this memorial serves as a memento of all the lives lost in the war as well as of the heroic and glorious bearings of the brave ANZAC troops. Somewhere amidst these cold rock statues learn about the event when for the very first time in history that the great nation of Australia tried its hand in shaping the world events.

Chose the theme of your stay
Although there are many things to see and experience in Sydney regarding the history of the place, this can also be achieved even in something as simple as choosing the right place of lodging for your stay. Here, perhaps the greatest idea might be to opt for accommodation in Randwick, and stay in one of Sydney’s most beautiful suburbs and better yet in a proper Victorian building. This boutique hotel is a redecorated Victorian building from 1888, and should therefore be perfect for the spirit of your stay.  

St Stephens Anglican Church
Of course, finish your grand historical tour of Sydney with a visit to a legendary St Stephens Anglican Church. This church was established in 1837 and is as such 14th oldest church in whole of Australia. Speaking of tradition and national identity this glorious structure stands second to none. Another thing that this church is widely recognizable for is its authentic gothic style unlike any other you will encounter in Australia.
Enjoy your stay in Australia and try to learn as much about its past as you can. This will ensure that you will understand its present better and it will surely enhance your stay there. For this purpose, any or all of the places listed above are just ideal.

Traveling for a relaxing vacation is the most exciting experience for every couple, but how about if you add in a spa vacation for the two of you. This is a perfect treat as an anniversary gift or a birthday present. It will refresh both of you and give you a chance to spend some quality time together.

The Windflower - San Antonio

San Antonio offers a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to luxurious spas but the most amazing one is located just outside the city. Just when you are driving through acres of land filled with fragrant wildflowers you actually realize why Windflower got that name.
Located in Texas, this day spa has some of the most amazing services; it offers its customers with custom-formulated treatments which are inspired from flowers, herbs and other plants available in the region. You can choose any kind of spa service you like from Bourbon Bubbler to the Urban Cowgirl. Arrive early at this spa and enjoy the relaxing outdoor environment and the view of the gardens.

Le Petit Retreat - Los Angeles

La Petit Retreat is a French inspired spa that specializes in offering spa treatments for couples, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing massage in the same room. Whether you want to have a couple massage or you want to experience a private bath in the outdoor or indoor environment you can stay together with your partner, unless you want to be separated. The spa treatment ends with a couple’s champagne treat. After your treatment you can plunge yourself in a copper tub and enjoy a warm bath with your partner while sipping champagne.

Faina European Day Spa - New York

Book flights for New York and try the Faina European Day Spa, they offer some amazing treatments for two. So get indulged for a romantic and enchanting special treatment of less than 2 hours, enjoy a thirty minutes massage with a manicure or pedicure while you sip champagne and enjoy delicious chocolates. If you want you can indulge in a couple’s retreat package of three hours and enjoy delicious champagne with facials and massages.

Calistoga Ranch –California

Located in a secluded forest just east of the Napa Valley, Calistoga is a sexy, sleek and splendid hideaway for many couples. The private cedar made single guest lodges covers around 17-acre compound and were built without disturbing the natural beauty of the place. The Ranch spa in California offers its guest with hot tub baths, milk baths, mud bath and outdoor massages along with a natural mineral pol. This spa is definitely a luxury for newlywed couples.

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff - South Carolina

Designed in a country style look, the Inn at Palmetto Bluff has around 45 large comfy rooms which are size of a cottage and have water view fronts, porches and fireplaces. The spa treatment terraces have outdoor massage services as well as open air mud baths and hot water tub baths. The Inn at Palmetto also has a Golf Course that darts along with the May River Shoreline.

Mauna Lani Spa –Hawaii

Mauna Lani resort has around 338 rooms and most of them have an ocean view.  But if you want to enjoy complete privacy with your loved one then enjoy the five butler service bungalows which are just a five minutes’ walk from the beach.   The spa has a small village attached to the roof huts with some of the most exotic spa treatments like the open-air lava spa and ginger honey body therapy.

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain –Arizona

Sanctuary on the Camelback Mountain is a small and sleek but highly intimate spa with small comfy rooms with all the modern technologies. The spa features a sanctum which the couples can rent for a day and indulge in different hot showers and hot tum baths.

MacArthur Place Inn & Spa – California

Mac Arthur Inn and Spa is located in California, this spa has a Victorian look and has 300 acres own land for orchards and gardens. There is a wide variety of suites and cottages which are mostly for two people with hydrotherapy tubs, sitting areas, balconies, patios, fireplace, massage rooms which have a garden view.
Revive the same old romance in your life like those early days when your relationship start. Adding this couple’s day for a Spa tour is a great way to relax and get rid of the stress plus it will help in making the bond stronger between you and your better half.

If you are an international business professional on the go, you know the importance of a reliable and dependable way to get from here to there, and there is no better way to get where you need to be than with a great airline. Luckily, airline travel has evolved to such a point that a seat in business class aboard an international flight means that you are destined for twelve hours in the lap of luxury with the space you need to get all of your work done with ease. Here are the top 10 business class airlines as voted by the passengers who most fly the friendly skies.

10 Hainan Airlines
It might be the 10th airline on the list but Hainan Airlines is anything but a slouch when it comes to business class services, in fact, the airline won the World Airlines Award for having the best business class comfort amenities in the skies. In addition, Hainan promises a “cherished experience” with its spacious business class cabins, their vast entertainment options and their amazing dining menus.

9 Emirates
With the ability to fly all over the world, Emirates Airlines is a phenomenal choice for all of your business traveling desires. With prices that cannot be beat, the airline is great for travelers who need to fulfill their last minute business class ticketing needs. Their astounding business class cabin will make you forget you are even in the air with an onboard lounge serving only the most high-quality spirits and cocktails. You can top it all off with incredible entertainment and dinner options.

8 Garuda Indonesia
As the national airline of Indonesia, this global airline does not disappoint and that certainly goes for the business class cabin. The seats recline into full beds, each seat has access to the isle, every traveler gets their own ottoman and personal storage compartment, the chairs are equipped with a USB and power outlet, and each guest has access to their own 15” screen for all of their entertainment needs. If all that was not enough, they also promise a dynamic dining experience with a plethora of options.

7 Etihad Airways
Always a contender in the best business class top ten lists, the business class section on Etihad Airways will make you feel like royalty. A seat in business class promises a comfortable and relaxing experience with a private studio that includes everything from mood lighting systems, full beds and pillows, and even a turndown service on longer flights. While you’re awake, work in comfort in the airlines famous seats that feature tons of legroom, adjustable head and foot rests and great lumbar support. Wonderful entertainment and dining options are also available.

6 Qantas
As the primary airline of Australia and New Zealand, Qantas is perfect for when you have business to conduct “down under”. This airline has everything that the serious business traveler needs from a quick and easy check in service to an amazing business lounge experience and a seat that is almost 22 inches larger than the economy seating. As an additional service, you can even manage your business travel costs through the easy to use Business Essentials program on their website.

5 Oman Air
A trip with Oman Air in business class means a world class experience from the moment you wake up in the morning till the second you reach your destination. In an effort to make your trip to the airport an easy one, Oman Air offers an exclusive chauffeur service. Then, check in with the quick business class check-in line before relaxing in one of the impressive air lounges. Aboard the plane, enjoy the latest in technology including inflight connectivity, many entertainment options including movies, music and television shows and a dining experience that cannot be missed.

4 Singapore Airlines
A favorite among many travelers, Singapore Airlines, which was voted number one in best business class seat comfortability, always strives to impress. The business class section aboard all Singapore airline planes have recently been updated with new seats that combine proficiency with comfortability in a chair that you may never want to leave. Other amenities offered in business class include spacious cabins, fully flat beds that will make you forget your bed at home, and the ability to pre-order your meals from some of the world’s most top-notch chefs.

3 Cathay Pacific Airways
Consistently in the minds of business travelers around the world, Cathay Pacific Airways offers a great business class experience and they always leave a lasting impression. The seats are truly revolutionary because you can move and adjust them to your mood and posture. Plus, they lay back into a bed that measures up to 82 inches long. Handy storage compartments, a plethora of entertainment options and delectable food menu options also come standard. You can even get your last minute business class tickets with ease at their award-winning check-in service.

2 Turkish Airlines
Ranked number one in airline catering and business class lounge dining last year at the Passengers Choice awards, Turkish Airlines is the undisputed champion of quality eating experiences with their great selection of meals, hors d’oeuvres and their top-notch customer service. In addition to their food options, the seats in business class offer a 75-inch sleeping space, personal reading light, a privacy screen in the armrest and a swiveling table so you can get some work done. Finally, the entertainment package includes news, movies, music and connectivity for iPods and other USB devices.

1 Qatar Airlines
Officially named the #1 airline at the 2014 World Airline Awards, Qatar Airlines was voted by passengers to have the best business class section in the skies. A five-star airline, Qatar offers a new level of luxury with their comfortable surroundings, amazing service and the unlimited amount of amenities. Get your work done with Wi-Fi services, available USB plug-ins and a personal LCD screen for your viewing needs. Meals are prepared by only the most prestigious of chefs while you unwind with the finest coffees and teas. Your sleep needs will be met not only with the fold down seat but with the finest sleepwear and Italian linens that are provided for your comfort. Finally, gain access to over 1,000 entertainment options on your amazing dual-screen interface.

ON THE TOWN, the musical comedy love letter to New York City, is now in performances at Broadway’s Lyric Theatre (213 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036). Directed by John Rando (Tony Award® for Urinetown) and choreographed by Joshua Bergasse (Emmy Award winner for “Smash”)

ON THE TOWN has been nominated for four 2015 Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Musical, Best Performance By a Leading Actor in a Musical (Tony Yazbeck), Best Choregraphy (Joshua Bergasse), and Best Direction of a Musical (John Rando), and appeared on more Top 10 lists than any other musical this year.

The musical is an “explosion of pure joy” (David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter) with “the best dancing on Broadway” (Ben Brantley of The New York Times on NPR). Featuring eye popping sets and gorgeous costumes, ON THE TOWN has “a rapturous and red blooded score” (Joe Dziemianowicz, Daily News) by Leonard Bernstein, one of America’s greatest composers, brilliantly played by a 28 piece orchestra. This hit musical comedy is “everything a great show should be!” (Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal). Join three sailors with only 24 hour shore leave in New York as they are swept off their feet by three beautiful New York women for one amazing night ON THE TOWN!

Check it out today! 

I'm an active advocate for charity causes, throughout the year I'm involved with 30 hour famine, an international youth movement to fight hunger, breast cancer foundations, aids foundation, ronald mcdonald house charity, animal causes and also als foundation. Although No Kids Hungry is one of the latest champaign that I'm supporting and is based in the US.

We live in one of the greatest country on the world but there's still 16 million kids in the US who face food insecurity every day. That's 1 in 5! For nearly 30 years, chefs and restaurants have served as our most ardent supporters raising millions to help end child hunger in America. Over the next two weeks, the No Kid Hungry Chef's Cycle will be taking place and they are getting on their bikes from coast to coast to raise awareness and funds for No Kid Hungry.

Nearly 50 chefs and restaurant industry professionals are riding from New York City to Washington, DC and Santa Barbara to San Diego. 300 miles each! Follow them as they ride - New York City to Washington, DC June 7-9 and Santa Barbara to San Diego June 14-16. And support their efforts by making a donation today or planning your own ride where you live. The ultimate mission for the champaign is to end the child hunger. Every small effort can make a big difference. :)

Follow them as they ride - New York City to Washington, DC June 7-9 and Santa Barbara to San Diego June 14-16. And support their efforts by making a donation today or planning your own ride where you live.

I'll be following them as well! @sillydrunkfish

When some people think of Mexico, they usually relate it with salsa,tacosmargaritas and sombreros. While these things have become synonymous with the country, Mexico is so much more. A great world civilizationMexico is a diverse blend of Mesoamerican cultures and modern indigenous tribes, rich Spanish traditions, and a solid modern economy. 

Its landscapes are just as diverse; from cactus filled deserts in the north, the snow covered peaks of Iztaccíhuatlnear the center to glorious sandy beaches in the south

The pre-Columbian civilizations left indelible marks on the land in the form of stunning pyramids and huge temples. One can watch whales, tour tequila farms and even climb volcanoes. 

Mexico possesses a great sense of individuality and standing in a Mexican city in the evening, with unique music filling the plazas, cozy lights from small shops dotting the street and the aroma of freshly made food wafting through the air is an experience which is second to none. 

Mexico will fill your senses and revitalize your soul. So plan your vacation to Mexico todayThe Mileage Club will help you find the best deal for your flight through its flyer miles. The following are the top things to do, once you’re there.

Remnants of Civilization
Ancient Mexico gave rise to several great civilizations of the world including the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec and the Aztecs. Each left their own landmarks most of which have become World Heritage Site. You should definitely strive to see some of them when visiting Mexico.Teotihuacan, a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city located 30 miles northeast of modern day Mexico City is the site of many significant Pyramids, complex ancient residential compounds and the ‘Avenue of the Dead’.

The state of Yucatan is for those who harbor an interest in the Mayans. Mérida, Yucatan’s capital is the starting point of departure for all Mayan routes to sites such as the famous Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Mayapan.  Another World Heritage Site, Uxmal is also famous for its historical ruins.These are just a few of the places you can explore. 

Palm Trees and Sand
No, Cactuses are not the only types of plants which grow in Mexico. And deserts are not the only landscape. Mexico has several beautiful beaches to rival any in the worldPlaya DelCarmen, Tulum (with El Castillo, an old Mayan Temple), the vast Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are just some of the popular beaches found in Mexico.

Mexican Food
Mexican Cuisine is famous all over the world, but obviouslynothing beats eating it at its place of origin. Many streets are lined with shops selling popular Mexican food such as tocas, barbacoa, birria, carbito and carnitas. Food varies in different regions and Mexico City is the place if you’re willing to try many different varieties. 

For the Adventurer
Mexico has many activities for those wanting to extract more from their holiday than just relaxing and sightseeing. Mexico has great diving opportunities, the coral reefs off Isla Cozumel provide a great experience.

Take a refreshing dip in many of the cenote (a natural pit with a body of water) which dot the landscape, the popular among these are Ik-Kil (near Chichen Itza), Dos Ojos (south of Tulum) and Gran Cenote (near Tulum). Hiking through the Cooper Canyon is also a highlight of any trip to Mexico.

So what are you waiting for, besides the attractions listed, Mexico has a vibrant and rich nightlife and a unique shopping market. The history, landmarks, people and array of cities is enough to captivate one for a long, long time.

A squirrel taking shelter under a mini umbrella is the latest addition to London photographer Max Ellis’ portfolio. He’s succeeded posing squirrels with objects before, including pumpkins, but getting one to pose in the rain was difficult. Ellis’ solution? Coating the umbrella in sunflower seeds and peanut butter before hanging it on fishing line.

“I considered building a covered walkway from their tree because I was getting cramp crouching behind the camera,” Ellis told the Daily Mail. “Fortunately this one popped out and hung around exploring for about six minutes. As the rain got heavier, he was able to shelter for a bit but eventually gave up and headed off home.” 

More info: maxphotographic | 500px (h/t: demilked)

Living in Forest Hills, New York City is a fairy tale of tucked-away hamlet surrounding by sea of red roofs and abundant greenery. Central Queens by E, F, M, R and LIRR, commute to midtown east only takes 15 mins by public transportation; the fresh air of Forest Park, resident appreciated the chance to have a Tudor style well-built home, their own garden and dog friendly neighborhood. Who can ask for more?

Reef Restaurant - A local gem where they served the Mediterranean diet of southern Europe. The owner /  artist who made the sign, was kind enough to posed for me! Located between Queens Blvd and Austin st on 72nd Ave.
108-02 72nd Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Forest Hills Gardens is one of America’s oldest planned communities. Modeled after England’s “garden cities,” originally intended to create an ideal environment that incorporated shared green space with urban convenience for the working classes, the Gardens (as it’s known) is home to about 4,500 residents. The private community is managed by the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation, an organization made up of property owners.

This unique community consisting of over 800 free-standing (sadly we lost some of the trees after hurricane Sandy), attached houses, apartment buildings as well as churches, parks and storefronts, dates from 1909, when architect Grosvenor Atterbury and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.–-son of Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect who helped design Central Park–-were commissioned to plan a new town. Though the community lies within the boundaries of one of the world’s most modern and populous cities, it has retained much of its co-operative, idyllic nature. There is a tennis stadium located in Forest Hills Gardens, until 1978, the West Side Tennis Club drew the international spotlight each September for the prestigious U.S. Open Tennis Championship; the stadium was also host to legendary bands like the Who and Chicago. Though the tournament has since moved to neighboring Flushing, the West Side continues to operate as a tennis club.  During summer time, the stadium is home to multiple music performance where famous musician spotted with their band and guitars. 

Atterbury’s love of the Tudor style gave the community the aesthetic that still defines it today. Along the avenues that branch out from Station Square, massive, elegant Tudor-style homes boast towers, spires, Norman-style turrets, fancy brickwork, exposed half-timbers, red tiled clay and gabled roofs, and mullioned windows. The Arts and Crafts style popular in the 1920′s can also be seen in the Atterbury-designed homes.

Visitors to Forest Hills Gardens who find themselves beneath its arched entryway often feel as if they’ve entered a portal to another place and time. The entry plaza, Station Square, with its architecturally stunning manor house fronted by patterned brickwork, topped by a domed tower and surrounded by arcaded walkways, resembles some version of an Anglo-German country manor crossed with a fairytale village. A gracefully curving gate shelters the neighborhood; shared green space anchors it.

The community contains four parks just for residents and their guests. “Mildred Pierce,” a period film for HBO about 1930′s Beverly Hills, starring Kate Winslet, was shot here, and the neighborhood played a central role in the Alfred Hitchcock. The Forest Hills Gardens of today is generally known for offering some of the most expensive residential properties in Queens County. But the neighborhood and its smaller brethren are the only private communities of their kind in the borough. Named “Best Community” in 2007 by Cottage Living Magazine

Just a block or two outside Forest Hills Gardens, Austin Street and 71st Avenue offer restaurants, shopping, and other amenities. A 15-minute walk to the south through the Gardens is Metropolitan Avenue, known for antique shops and a burgeoning foodie scene. Outside these planned communities, Forest Hills offers a mixed bag of houses and apartment buildings of varying architectural styles and sizes. In some areas, wealthy new residents are tearing down older homes and building outsized new “McMansions.” Signs of the unavoidable NYC luxury building boom include the 21-story Windsor, completed in 2005 and consisting of 95 Manhattan-esque luxury apartments. Kennedy House is a huge soaring tower on the north side of Queens Boulevard; there’s a pool on the roof.
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