Save Space and Kill Two Birds with One Stone

When is a chair not a chair? When it’s a bookshelf, or a table, or a wall panel, or a phone charger! The multifunctional furniture renaissance is here, and it brings seemingly endless ways to reimagine not only furniture’s function, but its form as well.
Multifunctional furniture bolsters the “less is more” attitude of the tiny-house and minimalist movements. Plus with fewer materials, it can also be a sustainable alternative to traditional furnishings. And today’s modern designs have a little something for everyone. Thinking of reimagining your favorite chair? Here are just some of the innovative ideas inspiring us.

Who’s Behind the Multifunction Renaissance? 

Furniture that changes shape on a whim to match different needs is a fun conversation starter. But for some people, a piece that pulls double duty is legitimately beneficial, if not necessary to their lifestyles.
Tiny home dwellers are some of the biggest proponents of multifunctional use—not just for furniture, but for every inch of their (on average) 186-square-footdomiciles. When inhabiting a space that pocket-sized, there’s no other option but to buy and build for more than one function. Unlike the houses themselves, the tiny-house market is growing.
The market for tiny apartments, particularly in expensive metro markets such as New York and San Francisco, is also on the rise. With rents booming throughout the Bay Area, even SF’s tech elite are downsizing. In New York, “micro-units” are the newest real estate trend. And as Bloomberg reports, apartments are shrinkingthroughout the United States. In the case of paying more money for less space, each possession is carefully considered. What value does it bring? What if it had more than just one use?
Finally, worries about the economic rollercoaster and our diminishing natural resources have led many people to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. By accomplishing more with less, minimalists save money and live more sustainably. Innovations in furniture design play right into these trends and inspire the world to consider: What could we do, if we could do more with less?

Fill the Empty Space: Furniture that Stores Your Stuff

An apartment with a depressing dearth of closet real estate doesn’t signify the end of the world. There are nooks and crannies to be found everywhere—many of them beneath, behind, or even within furniture.
Chairs and sofas, for example, have plenty of space that isn’t used for sitting. Beyond the sleeper-sofas of yesteryear, there are online tutorials for DIY couchesand chairs with built in bookshelves.
While reclaiming and upcycling materials, it’s relatively easy to create a table that doubles as a sturdy shelving unit or storage bin. Or create an upcycled bed platform, an under-the-counter cabinet, or a shelf-equipped lamp stand to fit any available space.
With a quick look at a home’s furnishings, its evident there are plenty of extra spaces just waiting to be put to use. Clawfoot tub? Build cabinets to store toiletriesaround the base. Staircase cutting your hallway in half? Add a custom-built bookshelf, entry table, or even a seating area and shoe rack.

Office Space: Add Function to the Workroom

Multifunction furniture isn’t limited to the home. Double duty furniture is popping up in offices and co-working spaces as well. In this environment, it’s often about transformation: one piece of furniture that serves two or three different functions. To accommodate meetings, employees can install a coffee table that folds out into a loveseat or a side table that scrolls seamlessly into a chair.
Individual work areas offer endless opportunities to customize, allowing each person to create their own ideal workspace with personalized functions. In particular, standing desks provide additional vertical space (compared to a traditional desk), which is great for storage, shelving, and even hiding printers and other less attractive equipment.
In the open office layouts so popular among tech companies and startups, privacy can be a luxury. Consider building your own mini-cubicle atop your desk, which adds storage and cuts down on visual distractions.
For those working from home, carving out space for an office can be a real challenge. Consider a wall-mounted desk that hides away while not in use, or—if you’re feeling more adventurous and don’t mind sleeping on the job—there’s always the desk that transforms into a bed at night.

Live, Work, Eat: Multifunction in the Kitchen

By their very nature, kitchens and dining rooms are extremely functional. But there are a couple of problems. First, many homes now use these areas for much more than food preparation and consumption. The traditional kitchen triangle(sink, stove, fridge) may need to accommodate multiple cooks, not to mention homework zones and hangout areas. Secondly, formal dining rooms have all but disappeared as we return to eating and socializing in the kitchen and living room. The easiest way to update a newly multifunctional space? Multifunctional furniture, of course.
One big way to make the switch is with a kitchen island that also works as a bar or even as a dining table. The bigger the island, the more storage it can contain. To create your own, start with a tall table and add a kitchen-ready surface, plus seating and shelving as needed.
If even table space is a luxury, consider a cabinet that folds out into a table only when you need it. Or take a page from the RVer’s blueprint and design a dinette table that converts to a seating nook when not in use. Kitchen designs are as infinite and unique as your imagination. Start with your space and needs then create from there.

Multi-Fun Zone: Kid-Friendly Furniture Ideas

Just in case all these ingenious concepts weren’t fun enough, try applying the multi-function formula to a kid’s room. In a sense, children’s furniture has more possibilities. For instance, an 8-year-old’s chair may be only 14 inches high, leaving oodles of vertical space for other uses.
Raising a child’s bed off the ground allows for additional storage, seating, or desk space underneath (not to mention that it’ll be a bed they’ll remember forever). An elevated bed also opens the opportunity for extra shelving in the staircase. For a room shared by more than one child, try a Murphy bunk bed or even a sleepover or trundle bed that stores the second mattress in a drawer beneath the first.
Desks can take up a lot of horizontal space (and may not get as much use as you’d like), so consider a folding wall desk, or an easel that converts to a chalkboard or a writing surface. Or add shelving to the desk area so it serves a purpose 24/7.
The real rock stars of modern kids’ furniture are the designs that grow along with your child. Fast-growing kids can burn through clothes, toys, and furniture incredibly quickly, making perfectly good items effectively obsolete in a matter of months. Sustainably designed kids’ products, on the other hand, are created with longevity in mind. As you’re planning your child’s room, don’t just look at what purpose the furniture will serve now: Take the long view, and invest in items that will be useful throughout a child’s lifetime.
When it comes to multifunctional kids’ furniture, it helps to think beyond the first dimension. A baby’s bassinet could one day morph into a study table. A modular design can change its shape to fit your child’s changing needs and preferences. While these grow-along-with-me concepts are becoming easier to find, a custom-built modular furniture set is a smart way for your child to get full use from a room for years to come.

One Room, Many Uses: Multifunction Inspirations for Tiny Spaces

The most captivating multifunctional furniture designs are the most extreme. Though you may never need to pack an entire apartment’s worth of furniture into a single box or fit every possession into 43 square feet, it’s fascinating to see how such tasks have been accomplished by architects and designers worldwide. Most of us have more than one room to work with, but it’s easy to wonder if we’re getting anywhere near as much use out of our available space.
The Murphy bed is a classic example of form and function, but it’s not the only design that can be stored behind a wall panel. Why not a pullout staircase that doubles as a bookshelf, a closet, or a table and chairs? Some of the world’s tiniest apartments effectively hide furniture in the walls, leaving inner space relatively free (so the space itself becomes multifunctional).
If you’ve got high ceilings but limited floor space, remember to play with height. For example, there’s the option to build your bed into the ceiling so it can be lowered at night. Or raise the bed onto a high platform and set up a seating area underneath. For studio dwellers, that frees up valuable floor space for daytime use.
Some of the most extreme designs are little more than cubes that can be stacked or stored in various combinations, making your living space into a pseudo giant Lego set. Would it be annoying to have to continually rearrange your apartment throughout the day? Probably. But for dorm rooms or tiny NYC studios, it may be worth the time and effort.

Multi Task: Technology-Enhanced Furniture

We live in a connected world, and our furniture is starting to catch up. New technology-enhanced furnishings allow buyers to choose whether to show off or hide gadgets, not to mention their pesky cords. And before long, cords themselves may become obsolete, replaced by—you guessed it—power-generating furniture.
Let’s start with the pieces you can create right now, perhaps by repurposing furniture you already own. For example, save counter space by integrating your sound system into a table, bookshelf, or sideboardAdd a laptop docking station, and you’ve got a sound-equipped piece of furniture that charges a computer. Or add a mini-desk and some charge ports to the couch for lazy Internet sessions. Take it a step further by building a laptop keyboard and screen into your coffee table. It only gets better when we consider the possibilities of wireless charging. This technology is available now and already being implemented. It’s possible to create a table, countertop, or any surface that will instantly charge a phone.

The Future is Multifunctional

It may be a while before we attain the midcentury vision of the kitchen that does all the work for us or the bed that changes its own sheets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask for more out of our home décor. New convertible and multifunction furniture designs are continually invented, many of which also incorporate sustainable and even reclaimed materials. Nonetheless, it’s entirely possible the perfect item to complete your living space just hasn’t been invented yet. That’s where DIY comes in. How can you reimagine your own furnishings to suit your living space? Progress waits for no man, but without the spark of human creativity, there’d be no progress in the first place.
If this article has you looking for ways to re-use old furniture, check out these recycled wood furniture pieces. — and origin article from -

It's St.Patrick's Day! Most of the New Yorkers probably woke up with a hungover .. Hmm like someone here .. Anyway, another #MTA failure! Second time this week the #LTrain wasn't working. Quoted @ZachHumenik- The true nature of humanity is tested waiting for a crowded #LTrain.

The Little Red Riding Hood fridge magnet

Red telephone booth

Red mini-fridge by Smeg

Arv Throw from Røros Tweed.

Irena Orlov Red Perfection Duvet Cover

New York brutal winter escape.

Coat: BeBe
Boots:  DUO Boots
Handbag: Big Buddha

Apparently over 5 million of New Yorkers are single, on the ratio of 53% female and 47% male. Phew! So, if you didn't get struck by Cupid's arrow, instead of going to watch "Fifty Shades of Grey" on your own on this Valentine's Day, I created a list of things for y'all fabulous singletons to do in solidarity. Whether you're looking for a crazy dance party for you and your single pals, an anti-Valentine's movie marathon, a comedy show to beat the down-on-love blues, or the chance to have a one-night stand on the quick, we understand how important it is to avoid vomit-inducing couples at any cost. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em...isn't that the expression?

Black Hearts Singles Party Latitude Bar & Grill will host a Black Hearts Party for Singles, which will feature life-size voodoo dolls. Sweetheart candies with sayings like "it's not you, it's me" and prizes for the best breakup story. There will be 13 craft beers as well some specialty cocktails for $5, including Cupid’s Broken Arrow Champagne. Cocktail.

Unloveable: a Smiths & Morrissey Valentines Day at The Bell House
Want the one you can’t have? Sing along to depressing songs with NYC’s leading Smiths tribute band, the Sons and Heirs.

NBA All-Star Saturday Night at Barclays Center
What exactly do a three-point shootout and slam-dunk contest have to do with love? Well, we’d like to think you strive to fly higher and be your best self in the name of your beloved…but if that’s too much of a stretch, I mean, come on—slam dunks are awesome.

What I Did for Love at UCBeast
Improvisational comedians turn an audience member’s love life into a comedy show. Maybe you think yours doesn’t need the help.

Kim Nalley Sings Songs of Love at Jazz at Lincoln Center
We suppose it's possible you have sincere romantic feelings to celebrate; if so, this esteemed jazz vocalist may be just the entertainer to see on Valentine's Day.

Stay home and watch 32 movies to make you feel great about being single on Valentine's Day. Why go out at all?

New York is well known for its nightlife scenes: perhaps a little too well known since the city never sleeps. Everyone loves a decent bar, but it can be hard to define what a "decent" bar actually is. In fact there are so many bars in which to consume cheap alcohol during happy hours or midnight drunken phase and I spent the last year trying to answer that question, researching (aka drinking too many hardcore ciders and fireball shots) What I found? There is nothing better than a dive bar. Rather than getting all dressed up (or for someone who bailed from any sort of gala event) and spending extra money to journey across town, wouldn't you rather just walk to the corner looking however you want with the few bucks you already have in your pocket? It's often both the worst bar you can imagine and the best bar you go to. You might recognize all the people there, unpolished, loud, drunk shouting, imperfect people, just like us but "almost" everyone minds their own business.

From thousands of bar in NYC, here's six from my personal favorite to whet your whistle.

Whisky Tavern (my original regular to go bar when I used to work in downtown, A mystical find in the depths of Chinatown/Little Italy)

Food! Yes! They have food here! Gotta fall in love with this place, this is a superb location for all sort of party or a fun group outing. One of my favorite owner/bartender/entertainer was Rob; he was full of many amusing hijinks that he played on all his patrons. This may be cliche but Rob felt like family to me and my friends, not just a regular bartender, in fact, he is family :) Check out the photo booth and outdoor seating :)

79 Baxter Street, New York, NY 10013
(212) 374-9119

God sister's birthday party in Whisky Tavern. I'm in the middle.

That's Rob!

Be ready to meet the dildo duos.

Jimmy's Corner (the main reason for non-tourists to visit Times Square)

Thanks to my friend Guy who took me there! If you're looking for a bar with history, come here! A well known boxing themed bar in the heart of Times Squares. Owner Jimmy Glenn, himself a former boxer and now a professional trainer, adorned this Times Square watering hole with all types of photos, posters and memorabilia dedicated to the “sweet science.” When there’s a match on the tube, there’s no better place in town to catch it than here. Do not come here with your empty stomach although there's a few "Halal" food truck nearby, perfect New York's drunken food.

140 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036
(212) 221-9510

Art collector Guy Frazier and Owner Jimmy Glenn
It was a Michael Jackson kind a night.

It's like traveling back to the 70s.

Famous patron's photography - timeless

Peter Dillion's (a touch of Ireland near Grand Central)

I started to come here a lot since I work in midtown nowadays. Great happy hour specials  and decent bar selection. (although they don't have my favorite Stella cider) The owners and bartenders are great,  very friendly and make you feel comfortable. Thumbs up to my favorite bartenders Greg and Eifa. In weekdays they have live music and Karaoke night every Fri and Sat (get your dance shoes ready). Pool table available for pool lovers (they have some serious pool players in Dillion's). Atmosphere is clean and comfortable but no food, ordering in or make a stop down the block at Shake Shack might just be the solution for that if you decide to show up with empty stomach.

130 E 40th St ( between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave ) New York, NY 10017
(212) 213-3998

$4 shots
A touch of vintage Irish. That's Eifa.

Who's the happy guy? That's Greg!

Serious pool players, I mean really really serious. ;)

International Bar (perfect example of a hole in the wall bar)

Perfect place to grab some low key drinks. The pours are generous and the bartenders are down to earth and attentive. It's a total local dive, don't expect much since the owners have banished TVs to promote friendly banter and there’s always the jukebox to keep you company, just grab a beer and enjoy the atmosphere and crowd. PS: they have a backyard :)

120-1/2 1st Ave New York, NY 10009
(212) 777-1643

Snafu (it's like a black hole, once you're there, you won't be able to leave)

Oh snafu, my first impression was like, what kind of bar would named Snafu? Sounds a bit like Japanese but opps, I was wrong, nothing oriental at all (Dainobu Japanese grocery store used to located next door but they closed recently). Snafu was my regular bar, I had my moments there, the good, the so so, the crazy and romance perhaps. Bartenders are attractive and friendly. Happy hour patrons are mostly bankers who works around the area, during weekend you'll see some tourists as well. Happy hour bud light special only $3 and free wifi access, laptop friendly before 4:30 pm! What I love about snafu are the jukebox and I can easily download an app to play song remotely from it or slipped in the dollar bills to play my favorite tunes. Popcorns on the house for everyone and pool table downstair, with other games too. Thumbs up to Arturo, Olga and Irene (find Arturo and Olga in Whisky Trader on Mon) - my favorite "Futenders" and Jose - the bodyguard :)

That's Jose on the left!

Halloween 2014, Zoran and I
Halloween 2014 - Right - Irene
Olga (middle) with friends, she is a fun person to have around :) 

Arturo - the awesome bartender

It's a bar thing. lmao

What sort of thing would happen to you in a dive bar? Anything might happen: a fight could break out, the beginning of a love story if you're lucky, make new friends that could last for a long time, on rare occasion you'll see a baby in stroller and doggy on leash, a raving lunatic could start preaching about the apocalypse or a sad old-timer could tell you his life story over a few tequila shots... Though, and you'll spend an afternoon or a sodden evening drinking away your troubles (or inventing some new ones).

127 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017
(212) 317-9100

Whiskey Trader (spacious, friendly bartender and great music)

For folks who frequent midtown spot near Rockefeller Center, here is another awesome reasonable dive bar spot for you to cling on. If you like drinking for cheap and you enjoy a dive bar atmosphere then go here because this place is the place for you. This is my regular weekday to go bar (especially Monday night you'll find a sillydrunkfish here) Awesome dive bar environment and great bartenders, Arturo and Olga, they are the best you can ever asked for and all in all I had a great time with friends here!

The Whiskey Trader buddies
My favorite bartenders Arture (left), Olga (second left) and well, me in glasses (don't really look like me) and a friend. 

71 W 55th St. New York, NY 10019
212. 582.2223

The dive bar list goes on ...... TO BE CONTINUE
Missing the warm summer day in New York City. 
Top: H&M
Bag: Nine West
Phone purse: Calvin Klein

New York City - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Maryland - West Virginia - Virginia - Tennessee - Alabama - New Orleans - Austin, Texas.

Someone once said: "Driving is the best feeling in the world, you packed your stuff and go, leaving all the baggage behind" - A.K.

And I say road trip is like soul searching, in a less comfortable way but yet, truly intriguing.

We drove over 1800 miles in the course of three days, stranded in the middle of nowhere in the winter cold Maryland; stopped in a country bar and met a 70+ years old go-go dancer with countless man stories to share yet she quoted: "Young lady, never stop dancing...".

There's more, M's airport joke; A's impersonation of Alabama's accent; the road kill bingo; a Wal-Mart picked up line in Virginia started with "Oh my beautiful lady, are you married? oh no, taken or seeing someone? Oh gosh, single?"

Saw the one of the most beautiful sunset in Tennessee and sunrise in West Virginia; experienced a complete dark country road and abandoned gas stations in Louisiana; car dog searched on Craiglist although it was a failure; cowboy hats in Kangaroo gas stations and the recurring short dreams about the annoying host from TX Fox radio station; endless open field in Texas .. and more ..

Life is beautiful, isn't it?

Sometime in life when we're traveling, it’s the people we meet that make travel the rich, vibrant experience that it is. They shape our memories more than the locations themselves. They can make a bad place good, or a great place bad. They shine lights on our ignorance and teach us about ourselves. We inspire each other so much in many levels!

"I met this wonderful couple who loved my origami bird. High school sweetheart and going strong for 38 years in marriage." 
We meet many people crossed path in our daily life, perhaps if we slow down our footstep and listen to other stories, we gain something new! Everyday is an adventure, regardless what we do or where we are as long as we keep our option open and believe in possibilities. Never stop dreaming.

"Country road in Louisiana"
"Somewhere in Alabama"
"Be a cowgirl!"
"No caption needed."

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