A squirrel taking shelter under a mini umbrella is the latest addition to London photographer Max Ellis’ portfolio. He’s succeeded posing squirrels with objects before, including pumpkins, but getting one to pose in the rain was difficult. Ellis’ solution? Coating the umbrella in sunflower seeds and peanut butter before hanging it on fishing line.

“I considered building a covered walkway from their tree because I was getting cramp crouching behind the camera,” Ellis told the Daily Mail. “Fortunately this one popped out and hung around exploring for about six minutes. As the rain got heavier, he was able to shelter for a bit but eventually gave up and headed off home.” 

More info: maxphotographic | 500px (h/t: demilked)

Living in Forest Hills, New York City is a fairy tale of tucked-away hamlet surrounding by sea of red roofs and abundant greenery. Central Queens by E, F, M, R and LIRR, commute to midtown east only takes 15 mins by public transportation; the fresh air of Forest Park, resident appreciated the chance to have a Tudor style well-built home, their own garden and dog friendly neighborhood. Who can ask for more?

Reef Restaurant - A local gem where they served the Mediterranean diet of southern Europe. The owner /  artist who made the sign, was kind enough to posed for me! Located between Queens Blvd and Austin st on 72nd Ave.
108-02 72nd Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Forest Hills Gardens is one of America’s oldest planned communities. Modeled after England’s “garden cities,” originally intended to create an ideal environment that incorporated shared green space with urban convenience for the working classes, the Gardens (as it’s known) is home to about 4,500 residents. The private community is managed by the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation, an organization made up of property owners.

This unique community consisting of over 800 free-standing (sadly we lost some of the trees after hurricane Sandy), attached houses, apartment buildings as well as churches, parks and storefronts, dates from 1909, when architect Grosvenor Atterbury and landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.–-son of Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect who helped design Central Park–-were commissioned to plan a new town. Though the community lies within the boundaries of one of the world’s most modern and populous cities, it has retained much of its co-operative, idyllic nature. There is a tennis stadium located in Forest Hills Gardens, until 1978, the West Side Tennis Club drew the international spotlight each September for the prestigious U.S. Open Tennis Championship; the stadium was also host to legendary bands like the Who and Chicago. Though the tournament has since moved to neighboring Flushing, the West Side continues to operate as a tennis club.  During summer time, the stadium is home to multiple music performance where famous musician spotted with their band and guitars. 

Atterbury’s love of the Tudor style gave the community the aesthetic that still defines it today. Along the avenues that branch out from Station Square, massive, elegant Tudor-style homes boast towers, spires, Norman-style turrets, fancy brickwork, exposed half-timbers, red tiled clay and gabled roofs, and mullioned windows. The Arts and Crafts style popular in the 1920′s can also be seen in the Atterbury-designed homes.

Visitors to Forest Hills Gardens who find themselves beneath its arched entryway often feel as if they’ve entered a portal to another place and time. The entry plaza, Station Square, with its architecturally stunning manor house fronted by patterned brickwork, topped by a domed tower and surrounded by arcaded walkways, resembles some version of an Anglo-German country manor crossed with a fairytale village. A gracefully curving gate shelters the neighborhood; shared green space anchors it.

The community contains four parks just for residents and their guests. “Mildred Pierce,” a period film for HBO about 1930′s Beverly Hills, starring Kate Winslet, was shot here, and the neighborhood played a central role in the Alfred Hitchcock. The Forest Hills Gardens of today is generally known for offering some of the most expensive residential properties in Queens County. But the neighborhood and its smaller brethren are the only private communities of their kind in the borough. Named “Best Community” in 2007 by Cottage Living Magazine

Just a block or two outside Forest Hills Gardens, Austin Street and 71st Avenue offer restaurants, shopping, and other amenities. A 15-minute walk to the south through the Gardens is Metropolitan Avenue, known for antique shops and a burgeoning foodie scene. Outside these planned communities, Forest Hills offers a mixed bag of houses and apartment buildings of varying architectural styles and sizes. In some areas, wealthy new residents are tearing down older homes and building outsized new “McMansions.” Signs of the unavoidable NYC luxury building boom include the 21-story Windsor, completed in 2005 and consisting of 95 Manhattan-esque luxury apartments. Kennedy House is a huge soaring tower on the north side of Queens Boulevard; there’s a pool on the roof.
Spring love in the air.
Cendrillon est la preuve qu'une nouvelle paire de chaussures peut changer votre vie.

I love taking pictures, from the building down on the block or the flower blossom on the street, I just love photography. (You can check out my gallery up there) Therefore I come across this amazing photo management free app ...

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 Thank you to Lyve for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try the Lvve app and service!
"There are a lot of companies that I admire, but there are very few that inspire me. Welspun Group is one of them."
Welspun Group is a multinational company whose core industries are steel, energy, and textiles. Welspun is one of India's fastest growing conglomerates, doing business in over 50 countries with 24,000 employees and over 100,000 shareholders. Its clients include companies operating in the oil and gas and retail sectors such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, WalMart, and Target.

Besides being a global leader in most of its business verticals, Welspun acts as a responsible corporate citizen, sincerely practicing empowerment of the underprivileged and sustenance of the environment. With a participative approach towards social development, the company is guided by the three ‘E's - Education, Empowerment & Health and Environment. At Welspun each and every Welspunite contributes to the community at large.

Not long ago I had a chance to participated in panel discussion with other design bloggers, together we came face to face with the philanthropist and founder of Welspun Group, Dipali Goenka (Harvard University alumni) in their midtown Manhattan showroom located in the Textile Building. Under her leadership, she leads Welspun’s retail initiative in India and has set up distinct brand — “SPACES Home & Beyond”. Dipali initiated the set up of Welspun Vidyamandir High School, a school affiliated under Central Board of Secondary Education and Welspun Anganwadi, a pre-primary school in Anjar, Gujarat, India. 

I joined fellow prestige panelist to talk about the impact and importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our discussion and interview were carried out through a shared social vision by Welspun Group Foundation. 

Dipali Geonka inspired us and she advance the full participation of women and girls around the world in. Together we discussed topics on: 
  • Empowering women through education and health
  • Empowering communities to help foster and create sustainable commerce 
  • Helping the environment

During the interview I asked Dipali how social media might make an impact on their efforts and she replied us gracefully and said: "Each of you can help to put the word out, it’s not about what Welspun is doing; it’s about what we are all doing as global citizens,” I strongly agreed with her. As a blogger, we have the platform to spread the words out, not locally but globally. 

It was a meaningful morning interview with Welspun Group last week. Dipali Geonka was an inspiration to all of us, so privileged to be part of the wonderful panel with Spread: PR, Advertising, Marketing along other notable bloggers: Patrick J Hamilton, Robin Baron, Decor Arts Now, Malene Barnett and Saxon Henry. Special thanks to moderator Tori Mellot and Julia. Watch the insightful interview commentary, click HERE.

Mean while, check out the book called: "She is Life"

What does the book stand for?

The book is a compilation of real life stories of women who have come forward to be empowered. Women who have overcome challenges and embraced change, to reclaim their lives and shape their own destinies. They are the extraordinary examples, the indisputable proof, that progress will come to those with the purpose, the passion and the persistence to achieve it. It is these stories that form the warp and weft of the very fabric of Kutch.

What message does it convey?

The book is a demonstration of the fact that when you empower a woman, you give her a better her life. When you empower a woman, you create a stronger society. When you empower a woman, you build a greater nation. Indeed, the unsung heroines featured in this book are now encouraging their families, communities and the people of Kutch to follow their path to a prosperous and progressive future. Welspun fully supports this with a long term, holistic corporate social responsibility vision and by investing time, money and effort towards the empowerment of women.

"Sunlight replenishes most renewable energy sources every day. #‎gogreen #‎savetheplanet #‎motherearth | Welspun Group #‎earthisbeautiful"
Welspun's stylishly comfortable home textiles can be found in retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond, also can be purchase online via HERE. My personal favorites are the SPUN collections, HygroSoft Towel sets and Welspun new collaboration with American designer Amy Butler on their latest spring collections (available now) called Sari Bloom and Kyoto, made from organic cotton!

It's Spring time! On fête ça? 

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